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Keep hormonal balance

Myo-inositol that is included in the supplement, helps to keep hormonal balance and effectively improves hormonal and metabolic parameters.


Naturally without nausea

Relieving morning sickness, as well as locomotion sickness and heart burn.


Free your femininity

Dietary supplement for women with low libido. Naturally increases sexual desire, improves women\'s libido through a multi-faceted operation.


We create our products based on the natural ingredients in accordance to modern technology and the highest production standards.

Clinical trials confirm products quality and guarantee their safety.


Dietary supplement with clinical study.


Inofem® supports maintaining hormonal balance.
It is used in preparation for in vitro fertilization programs.
Inofem® contains 2000 mg of myo-inositol and 200 µg of folic acid.



  • restores ovulation and improves oocyte quality,
  • reduces insulin resistance,
  • effectively improves the hormonal and metabolic parameters, including the lipid profile,
  • decreases  hirsutism and acne,
  • helps to normalize body weight.


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Dietary supplement with clinical study.


Contains extract of ginger rhizome which is recommended for morning nausea, heartburn and locomotion sickness.



  • Effectiveness based on scientific evidence.
  • Safety of use.
  • No side effects such as somnolence.
  • High efficiency – 50 ml = almost 40 doses.
Recommended for adults and children above 6 years old.


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Dietary supplement with clinical study.

Prolibid Femina® for female libido. It is a product of a unique composition of ingredients, developed as a result of years of research.

Prolibid Femina:

  • increases libido and improves sexual function of women,
  • gives a sense of energy and vitality,
  • supports maintenance proper sexual activity,


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