About us

We are a professional, pharmaceutical company with an established market position.
In our offer we have only high quality dietary supplements with clinical studies.

Our goal


Establo Pharma consists not only of qualified employees, but people who are very sensitive to the needs of others, who are empathetic, who can listen and observe very well; people who are intelligent, persistent and who can consequently realize their goals step by step.



Establo Pharma was established to meet the needs of other people, to seek new, innovative solutions, to create top quality products that are the best response to the customers’ needs.


Decisiveness and courage are our strengths. Thanks to our ability to make the right decisions, excellent intuition and quick response to patients’ needs, our company enjoys a good reputation among doctors cooperating with us and patients who choose our products.


Our team

We are a professional company with an established market position

We are a professional company with an established market position. We have well-qualified managers and medical representatives. Our mission is to seek new products that will be perfect response to the patients’ needs. We create them from the beginning, from the recipe, through many clinical trials, analysis, consultations with the outstanding biotechnologists and key opinion leaders, to manufacturing and sales. The most important basic values for us are quality and reliability, which are very useful in brand creation and building good business relationships. We know market needs very well and we know how to respond to them. That’s why we are still investing our money to expand our offer and launch new products on the market.

Our advantages:


  • many years of experience in the pharmaceutical market,
  • regularly updated database (doctors, hospitals, clinics, private offices, medical centres),
  • cooperation with key opinion leaders,
  • long-term cooperation with the biggest Polish pharmaceutical wholesalers,
  • an experienced, well-integrated and stable team of medical representatives and managers,
  • tested and effective methods of marketing and sales.


Our distributors

our products have met with great recognition among both doctors and patients

Because our products have met with great recognition among both doctors and patients, we decided to expand our activities for distribution to foreign markets. We are looking for business partners who share our passion and our values, such as professionalism, commitment to quality and partnership. We carefully analyse all the information that comes to us from patients and doctors, so we get to know their needs and respond to them. This principle is also addressed in relation to our business partners. We believe that the best way to achieve success is: the ability to listen, engage in dialogue, and exchange views, ideas and suggestions. We support our distributors both in terms of marketing, promotion, as well as sales issues.


Find out how to become our distributor!

Contact us: office@establopharma.com or media@establopharma.com

Trusted us

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Action strategy

The basis for success is a well-thought-out strategy

It is strongly associated with skilfully listening to the other people’ needs. Because of our constant cooperation with doctors and representatives of the medical environment, we gain knowledge very quickly and know how to apply it in our daily work. We respond to market needs and consult new products with remarkable specialists.

Our values

Our values give us the strength to act.


The advancement of knowledge and experience is a solid foundation for building and developing any business. Therefore, we are always looking for new solutions. We focus on innovation and professionalism.


The pharmaceutical industry is the one that has to be the most responsible. We not only offer our products, we also take responsibility for the health of those who have trusted us. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the products are of the highest quality and made of the best components, based on GMP technology standards. Each of our products has a clinical trial, which guarantees to ourselves and our patients that the product is effective and safe. We can say with confidence that our production standards are world-class.


Every successful company needs the right business partners. What we expect from our current and future partners are: engagement, trust and the same values. We deeply believe that meeting people who do their job with the same passion gives both sides new development possibilities and the strength to act.


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